Your SMSF Journey

Providing the right services to ensure a smooth super journey

The right set up

Auburn Partners specialises in providing the right structure and administration set up to ensure a smooth super journey. Our online Client Portal offers  the convenience of everything you or your adviser need to manage your super in one place.

We provide you with access to current fund information (processed to the previous business day), as well as a range of education resources, your bank account and alerts from your Auburn Partners specialists. All your fund related documentation can be securely stored in the system.

Your dashboard provides all the information you or your adviser needs at your fingertips, making it simple and efficient for you to keep track of your funds at all times.

The right services

Some of the common roadblocks to managing your own super include compliance, administration and making sure you are maximising your investments. Auburn Partners provides specialist administrative services so your own decisions are well informed and  supported.

Financial planning, accounting, tax and insurance all look different in the context of superannuation. So advice in these areas is highly specific. Auburn Partners can provide you with a custom SMSF solution to optimise:

  • Administration & compliance – making sure you are operating within the boundaries of SIS and ATO regulations and establishing an efficient reporting system.
  • Taxation – tax strategies to ensure your super is working hard for you.
  • Audit – facilitating the SMSF audit process through documentation and records management.

The right partners 

 Auburn Partners can facilitate the introduction to the following specialists:

  • Licensed Wealth Management and Financial Planners
  • Insurance specialist
  • Stockbroking services
  • Estate planning and legal services
  • Mortgage Broking

Helping you to navigate your journeyAuburn Partners will help you create your own future inside your Super Managed Super Fund.

Take control of your own superannuation strategy and start your journey to a secure future.
We make the set up, administration and transfer process easy.

Whether you are considering creating an SMSF or transferring an existing one, our external specialists can outline the benefits of becoming an Auburn Partners SMSF client.

Is an SMSF right for me? While an SMSF can provide you with greater flexibility and control over your super investments, there are some fundamentals you need to consider.

These include your super balance, how much time you have to work on your super and how confident you are to make investment decisions. There are also many rules and obligations associated with managing your SMSF that you need to be aware of before you get going.

If you require any assistance in these areas please contact Auburn Partners

Leading edge administration services, tax reporting, compliance and a connection to your super fund account.

The duties and obligations expected of super fund trustees can seem complex and overwhelming. Being in control of your superannuation comes with the added responsibilities of compliance accounting and administration.

At Auburn Partners we work with you to ensure your trustee obligations are met and ongoing management of your fund is made easy. Our specialist accountants and administrators work to support you on your SMSF journey.

We take a proactive approach to keeping abreast of legislative developments and informing you if your super fund will be impacted. Our key objective is to give you confidence that your super fund, financial statements, taxation strategies, and accounting  are on track, so you can focus on building your wealth.

If you require any assistance in these areas please contact Auburn Partners

Accelerate your super fund’s growth with contribution, investment and wealth creation strategies.

Your super fund is an important vehicle to help you reach your ideal financial and lifestyle destination. At Auburn Partners, we are committed to providing you with support to accelerate the process of getting there. Our strategic partners, who are licensed financial advisers, can help tailor a personalised solution to optimise your financial position and create a high performance super fund.

In the context of your super, they can help you:

  • Design an effective investment strategy
  • Implementation and manage investments
  • Maximise and manage your contributions
  • Make your super work harder for you
  • Find a tax strategy
  • Transition to retirement strategies
  • Retirement strategies
  • Appropriate estate planning

If you require any assistance in these areas please contact Auburn Partners

Lump sum or pension income?

Unlock the power of your superannuation and take your own personal retirement route.

Accessing your wealth is a significant milestone on your super journey. Knowing how and when are crucial considerations to ensure you maximise your retirement savings and align them with your personal income needs.

Our strategic partners can advise you about when you can access your benefits, along with the different methods available to you. They can show you how they interact with Centrelink or government entitlements you may be eligible for, and how they can be structured tax effectively for you and your beneficiaries.

Our extensive Education Centre gives you access to numerous technical resources, on topics such as:

  • When you can access your superannuation
  • The different methods for drawing from your benefits
  • How your trust deed interacts with your pension and lump sum withdrawal strategies
  • Age effective pension strategies that can be utilised
  • How pensions and lump sum withdrawals are administered
  • The importance of estate planning
  • What an actuary report is and when it is required

If you require any assistance in these areas please contact Auburn Partners

Structure your fund to allow for family succession and make sure your estate planning will continue your life’s journey.

Auburn Partners in conjunction with its strategic partners work alongside you and your family to develop the right intergenerational strategies through your SMSF.

Your super fund can continue your life’s journey by providing a framework for the next generation of your family. The concept of the family fund is to make your superannuation savings work collectively to maximise your family wealth.

There are many strategies that drive the family fund concept including:

  • Retirement and accumulation strategies
  • Property and intergenerational asset transfers
  • Wealth creation through combined savings
  • Insurance strategies
  • Anti-detriment payments
  • Succession planning advice
  • Asset protection strategies

Making sure your superannuation death nominations, wills and succession plans are in place can help you avoid unnecessary taxes and help protect your assets.

If you require any assistance in these areas please contact Auburn Partners